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5 of the Best Countries to Retire In

5 of the Best Countries to Retire In

Retirement is the time in our lives where we can enjoy and experience some of the things we never got around to during our working lifetimes. You can travel the world, take up a new hobby you never had time for, or just take some time to relax with friends and family.
You may have saved up during your working career so that you had some extra cash to play with once you got to your sunset years, and these funds can enable you to enjoy your retirement. With your new-found freedom, you may even consider moving abroad and retiring in another country. If that’s the case, then here are five of the best countries that you should consider retiring in. 


Mexico is very popular amongst retirees looking to retire abroad and more than a million Americans have moved across the border for a new life. It is very popular amongst retirees as it is well-known for its sunny weather and is very close to the United States, which makes moving a little easier. 
The cost of living is low in Mexico compared to other more developed countries, which makes it a great option for those who want to downsize during their retirement. The rent prices are lower in Mexico and senior people can benefit from extra discounted medical care to make health care more affordable.


Thailand has increasingly become a popular retirement destination due to the low cost of living and tropical weather. Your money is likely to go a lot further in Thailand, which makes it a great option if you are worried that the money you’ve put aside for your retirement might not last you.
You will easily find an affordable place to live in Thailand, and with a 2 bedroom apartment with seaview Phuket, you can enjoy your retirement in beautiful surroundings. Do bear in mind, however, that you’ll need a reasonable retirement income to qualify for a retirement visa.


While you may think that the Philippines is more for young travelers and backpackers, it has become an increasingly popular retirement destination in recent years. The weather is warm all year round, and even if it rains you will still enjoy high temperatures.


Spain is one of the more obvious countries for those looking to retire abroad due to its affordable living costs as well as its welcoming culture. The largest cities such as Barcelona and Madrid are brimming with culture but are much cheaper to live in than comparable cities such as London and Paris. Most people will speak fluent English in Spain to help you polish up your EspaƱol!  


With its golden sunsets and clear blue waters, Malta is one of the best countries for your sunset years. It has 300 days of sunshine a year, and this relaxed English-speaking community makes it a lovely place to move to. The country also has a low cost of living, which makes it a viable option for those with a fixed income.
Retirement provides you with a whole new sense of freedom which allows you to explore some of the things you never thought you would do. Make sure that you make the most of it and have the time of your life - in whichever country you fancy!

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