Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Texas Says It's Fine To Shoot A Prostitute If She Won't Have Sex With You

Texas doing it big as usual.  Big steaks, big hats, and prostitute killing laws akin to Grand Theft Auto.  Can't knock them for ignoring basic societal norms and just going with their gut.

In this case, the defendant was acquitted because he believed that sex was included as part of the fee.  A gripe definitely worthy of a bad Yelp review or a stern phone call to this woman's pimp, but shooting her?  Are you fucking kidding me?  I have never ventured into the ho trick scallywag slag escort game because I'm not a vagrant, but I'm pretty confident that at some point you have to know that you're not conducting normal business.  Transactions in the escort world don't work like they do at your local Arby's.  You know you're getting that Jr. Roast Beef with the disgusting sauce, while with an escort you're not 100% entitled to your Jr. Roast Beef with the disgusting sauce (if you read that like I did, you probably threw up.  whatevs. I'm keeping it).  

Because Texas essentially produced the "Friday Night Lights" television show, I have given it a lot of leeway with it's extensive problems, i.e. racism, sexism, overly aggressive food portions, prison system, allowing the killing of prostitutes, etc.  Riggins can't get you out of every jam, assholes.

Texas Forever Texas Sometimes Texas Occasionally?

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