Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Japanese School Children Are Getting Their Eyeballs Licked For Sexual Arousal

First off, I'm super jealous that I never got on this "oculolinctus" train back in middle school.  I was too busy putzing around looking for a kiss on the cheek like an absolute herb.  I imagine it's MUCH easier to get an eyeball lick than a kiss on the cheek in the "getting some ass" heirarchy.  So provacative, so gross.  I think 7th grade Dub would have been DTL all day, everyday.

Secondly, I'm never having kids.  Wasn't thrilled about the idea of cleaning diapers to begin with and now you can add in the fact that they're going to undoubtedly grow up to be sexual deviants at the rate that we're going.  Can't imagine what "show you mine and you show me yours" has evolved into these days let alone in the years when I'm procreating.  

My kid is already doomed to be a blogger, I can't have him/her running around with juvenile syphilis too.  

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