Saturday, August 29, 2009

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My NYC Trip Pt. 1 (AKA, some wack ass post)

Immediately following my quitting of work yesterday, two of my main bros and I made the pilgrimage to the great times mecca known as New York City. Naturally, spirits were hilariously low. Following a long 9-5 week, everyone was tired and miserable, basically not wanting to sit next to some shady character for 5 hours.

I get on the bus and strategically place myself behind the hottest girl, just hoping for the chance that she'd feel some weird seat to seat connection and be my girlfriend for the weekend. That didn't happen. We got in a traffic jam, it started raining, and my big ass audiophile headphones were really hurting my ears. I was complaining like a bitch for quite some time. After an ass numbing trip we get off and see all the lights and sounds of NYC. That happiness got trumped with the quickness. Rained began to fuckin' pour. I'll even go as far to say, it was raining cats and dogs. The logical move was to acquire an umbrella and luckily Duane Reade (the CVS of the city) was right across the street. Umbrellas, $10.99? Damn. We are no longer in the market of buying an umbrella. One of my buddies has an umbrella and is living like a king while me and the other bro were shivering our god damn timbers. Good thing we were in NYC though, because a street urchin emerged seconds later and sold us some wack ass 'brellas for $5.

After parading around the city for awhile we met up with our buddy, ready to introduce us to the city bars for the first time. Oh, how the hilarity ensued. NYC bars...