Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Police Officer Misinterprets Life-Saver Candy Treat for Crack-Cocaine

Put this at the top of the list for "ridiculous story of the day" because this shit is outrageous. I honestly thought I was getting textually Rick Roll'd by this story, but upon contact with my extremely legitimate sources, it actually happened.

The synoptic of the story goes like this: a police officer stops this unfortunate guy for a standard issue case of "riding dirty", but things quickly twist when the officer then accused the gentleman of chewing on crack know, because chewing crack-cocaine is the go-to method of using these days. Anywho, the officer follows up that ridiculous accusation by arresting the victim, fabricating a plethora of bonkers stuff, and stuffing the guy in jail, while they decide if that life-saver he was eating was actually cocaine.

What crack (pun intended) team of scientists do they have in Kissimmee (Kiss me?), Florida? Fuckin' Dr. Frankenberry? I'll admit, I love myself a good mint here and there, I would even go so far to say that they are addicting, but you don't see people out there suckin' dick for a Life-Saver. They're too plentiful. Plus, they're usually on sale if you have your CVS card.

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