Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Sorry Guy...No Food After 11:00

What really sets the tone at the bar is getting shut down on a food order 30 seconds after cut off. So there I sat, ready to purchase my first drink of the night. To my left was two attractive females working on a hefty plate of nachos...Naturally, as a fat kid my attention shifted immediately to food after seeing the generous quantities given out to my initial targets.

From there I flagged down the bartender...only to receive nothing but a smug look to go along with..."sorry guy, no food after 11:00."

Is it too much to ask for somebody in back to throw a few chips and guac together at 11:01? It's definitely hard to build the confidence back up after getting rejected by the kitchen.

I felt like Kendrick Perkins out there whistled for two fouls in the first six minutes of play. So my clock management was slightly off...but seriously can a guy at least get a few pretzels? Customer service is out the window - time to learn schedules and get punctual.