Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Buffalo Dog Vs. Dog Panda


In a world where we have to make the tough decisions, why is it inappropriate to combine the best parts of two animals? I know I love killing two birds with one stone more than anyone because I'm lazy as shit.

I have to go with Dog Panda and I think most of you will agree because Buffalo Dog is like the scariest, most depressed dog I have ever seen. In some eyes, Panda Dog could be seen as a scary creature too, but his confused-tongue-out expression brings you right back into the positives. I saw this on the Today Show and expected the inbox to be absolutely flooding with this little story, but alas, it wasn't. Get on it people! I can't find every story out there even though I peruse the internet for 25 hours a day. Some things sneak through the cracks guys...

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