Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Is It Possible To Kill A Movie?

I present this question out of straight spite. I know you can't kill something that never lived, but mannnn do I want to. Mainly because of this picture. How can a direct descendant of Will "The Thrill" Smith appear to suck so much?

If this movie interrupts my NBA playoff coverage ONE more time, the kid is going to snap. By snap, I mean I will send an angry email. Straight badgering the shit out of them like they continuously badger me with nonsensical comparisons of "kid I refuse to belief is Will Smith's son" and people like Kobe Bryant. What? I know this is Suns-Lakers series and you are really struggling for comparisons here, but don't resort to that. Kid weights like 63 pounds and looks like a wet noodle. You've seen the previews. Those little Asian kids beat the shit out of him. That's the way I want to remember it. For it's realism.

Not to be insensitive, but I was also fairly certain Jackie Chan died. Thought there was a funeral and everything. I did enjoy Rush Hour 1 though.

Movie sucks. I want it axed before June 11th. Wish I had Ari Gold to make that happen...

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