Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Where Has This Person's Life Gone??

^swear this isn't a picture from my house...

I've been around the block in terms of video games in my day. It started with the NES and traumatic experiences with Super Mario 1-3, then SNES with even more traumatic experiences with Donkey Kong Country. Shit got real when I also acquired a Sega Genesis to compete with my love of SNES. Undoubtedly, Vectorman brought about way too much confusion and my attention span didn't allow me to beat Sonic. From there, I got a Playstation, frankly because the N64 controller scared me. I truly didn't see how you can enjoy a game with that controller. Next came always hurts for me to mention it...the Sega Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was like a kitten with leukemia. It was the best time ever, but you knew it wasn't going to last long. They stopped making games for that shit like a month after it came out. Ughhh!! Got to block out the sad memories.

Oh yeah, I also had the megatron Gameboy that weighed like 13 lbs and a GameGear that was coming in at about 15. Both of those combined took 12 batteries..seriously. When I was little I'd be like, "Mom, do you mind getting like an 80 pack of Duracells when you get back from the store." It was their fault, who gets their kid a Gameboy and a GameGear.

Then came the Playstation 2. That is where social gaming emerged. I hope to never play as many games of Madden or NBA Live versus friends on Friday-Sunday afternoons as I did back then. Shit was ridonkulous. Playstation 2 also began the "systems are starting to fuck up" era. Everyone with the big PS2 knew that thing had a lifespan. I once broke out a monocle and a Phillips screwdriver and brought my PS2 back from the brink of death. It was like a surgery on TLC or some shit. I'd appreciate a virtual hand clap for my past feat please...Ok. Now here I am with a PS3 that can get access to the internet and essentially kill me if it wanted to.

This is for nostalgia purposes and to let you know there are nerdier people out there than you. AGAIN, that is not a picture from my house.

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