Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Not Really Sure How To Live With A Girl

Yeah, it's nothing like this movie. It's in fact very strange. Not in a bad way, but definitely weird--like a penguin. Plus, despite the fact I don't think she reads this blog, I am definitely going to watch my words. Nothing worse than a woman scorned.

She's a good friend from high school and I'm pretty sure she's seen just about anything, but we are all walking on a few egg shells. Like, do I wear boxers around the house on the reg? Can I fart where and when I please? Do I have to be moderately clean/appropriate? What words am I allowed to say?

Too many questions, too little answers. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have a hot girl living with you that's also cool, but believe me it changes your life. It's like the bro-equivalent of having a baby. You realize all the mistakes you casually make in life and you slowly mature into a man. Shits embarrassing, but most assuredly true.

Welcome to the shithole apartment JT.

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