Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Can I At Least Get A Date To Toy Story 3?

I'm clearly no date psychologist as I proved, miraculously, that it was possible not to get a date to see "Valentine's Day" this year, but I have to say confidently, Toy Story 3 is as easy as a date gets. And god knows we could all use an easy date (no..pun..intended?).

On the really reals though, didn't every single one of you thoroughly enjoy the experience that was Toy Story 1 and 2? That includes girls too. See where I'm heading here? It's like a cheap psychological ploy that everyone can use to snag a lay-up esque date, which I am more than down for. It's a fair games date too meaning you can be immature as all hell. Underarm farts, whoopie cushions, the whole she-bang. Combining your youth with your 20s is a dangerously effective plan that I see no negatives in.

Woody, Buzz, hand-holding, arm around shoulders, whoopie cushion, confused glare, popcorn, mini-make-out intro into underarm fart outro, disgusted look, attempted suave smile, focus back on movie, laugh, rinse, repeat. That's how you go on a motha-effin' date.

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