Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Odds Are He's Pretty Content With The Oil Spill

Have you ever seen an animal more chill than this seal? Nope. Dude is just laying on a rock catching some rays on what appears to be a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. Basically not giving a shit that oil is about to engulf (no pun intended) his entire roly poly body.

It's inspiring really. This seal really makes me think of Bruce Willis from "Armageddon" minus the actually doing something important part. It's like, he knows what's about to happen, but is not phased by it. Maybe he's being brave for his fellow sea lions or maybe he's simply too lazy. Or maybe he's wondering like the rest of us why it's taking months to stop oil from destroying the world. He probably posted up on that rock 2 weeks ago thinking he could wait it out while simultaneously napping for 18 hours a day (I mean look at it).

Seriously check out this list . These are literally our only options to stopping this oil spill. Straight up alpaca fleece and bird holocausts. When Kevin Costner makes your top 25 list on how to stop the oil spill, you know we're dying in 2012.

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