Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seriously, This Son Of A Bitch Killed A Ton Of Pokemon

We've all played this terribly addictive game. It was probably the largest staple in all of my childhood gaming. That means a lot coming from a Gameboy game. Had to constantly ask Mom to keep the car light on and we routinely had to go battery shopping for the most Duracells. Kept playing though. Took awhile to truly get a grasp at what was really happening in the game. Like, you'd casually peruse the grass to find that next Pokemon to join your squad or you were most definitely killing that mofo in an effort to train your big gun. The game basically said, "Oh shit, Pidgey fainted." You faint when it's really hot or when you haven't eaten, not when you get hit by a Thunderbolt. You die and you die badly.

Pokemon: Fooling children into senseless acts of murder since 1998.

thanks to Dork.ly for the pic

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