Friday, June 18, 2010

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What Up Spaghetti-O's

In what can only be described as the sex-tape equivalent of canned-food attention whoring. Campbells has announced that the meatballs in their beloved Spaghetti-O’s are tainted as shit. Diagnosis: “Meatballs are undercooked.”

Chill with that noise. I know what your scheming here Campbells. Sales took a hit, kids ultimately decided that Spaghetti-O’s were pretty gross when you have the option of getting some mega-stuffed ravioli. I think the higher-ups were looking for a way to stir the canned-food cage. Because frankly, when have the meatballs ever been cooked and when did Spaghetti-O’s start adding meatballs.

So don’t laugh at me when I look this so called “recall” in the eye and drunkenly eat 3 cans of that stuff tonight as I black out watching reruns of Lost.

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