Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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What Is THIS?

I can easily say that today was one of the WORST hangover work days of my life. So surprised I didn't get fired on the spot today. See that thing up there? It's possibly the most dangerous drink ever made. The ultimate upper-downer combination. 12 % alcohol by volume and enough caffeine to put a teenage horse down. Plus it's only $3, so I'm in.

Needless to say, it's an awful tasting drink. The watermelon flavored Loko tasted like a Natty Light and a melted watermelon Jolly Rancher were put into a GNC mixer bottle and shook up. Once you fend off the taste, you're definitely at a high concern level because you can feel your heart getting confused. Doesn't know whether to freak out or calm down. At that point you're 3/4's done and played about 17 consecutive Smash Bros. matches. At the end of one can, embarrassingly enough, I'm pretty sure I was shit hammered...or dying. Either one really. I topped that off with a paltry 3 additional beers and instantly became black out drunk. 1 Loko and 3 beers. That shit really put me in my place and aligned the stars for me. Thought I was the man, routinely going out drinking 12-16 beers and getting blacked out. Now that number is significantly smaller and I almost threw up at work when someone opened the window.

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