Monday, June 21, 2010

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How Dub Jeezy Plans On Spending His Father's Day Years From Now

Absolutely squeezing my baby's face. Especially on father's day. Because without the baby I'm not a father right? That is a perfectly good explanation for why this is happening. Plus the kid looks exactly like a squished face pumpkin.

When I had a kid, he's going to be my personal Mr. Potato Head. I'm just gonna be tossing size 18 clown shoes on him with a sombrero and take pictures and shit. Post it on the blog and be like, "he has NO idea what's up right now." I mean that's gold. So the question I have a baby for the sake of the blog? I'm ready to push this thing over the top and to do that, I think I need to intentionally father a child. I mean, I am casually able to hold a steady job for like 4 months at a time and there may or may not be a possum still in my house, so the kid can have a pseudo pet.

I must be on some sort of "No-Procreation" list.