Friday, June 18, 2010

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Just Straight Up Walking In Circles

^it looks more or less like this

One thing I do on the regular is just walk around. Not to reflect or to exercise. I literally just walk the shit out of myself on a day to day basis. No real aim to walk anywhere, but I somehow end up 5 miles away from my destination soaked in sweat and tired as balls.

I feel the need to tell this to you guys because I think I have a walking problem. Shit's getting out of control. I'm pretty sure it's because I vibe so hard to my Ipod tunes. Those noise-canceling headphones are a bitch I tell ya. I went to lunch today, ate like 25 feet from my office and within 40 minutes, ended up in like Cambridge. What? Once I came to in this walking black-out sesh, I had no idea of my surroundings and my shirt was reasonably drenched. Simply not presentable. The other day I was trying to go to the gym to get my swole on and all of a sudden I'm in Champs Sports 3 miles downtown checking out sneakers.

The easy out would be the alcohol I drink, and that's valid. Can't argue that logic, I have been on like 7 separate extreme benders this year and I consider this detoxification period I am on wildly successful since I've been shitfaced only 5 times in the past 14 days! There might be some deep-seeded issues though. People shouldn't black out in normal circumstances like that. I mean, a playa is just trying to get a sandwich and maybe gawk at some girls with his sunglasses on. Not make wild and crazy excursions to fucking Narnia.

Almost 5..almost 5....

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