Monday, June 14, 2010

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Like I Said Before, Machines Are Going To Massacre Us And Eat Our Bodies In 2012

Oh it's cool X-Box. Push the bounds. Be (kinda) revolutionary. I get your angle here. It's hip and modern, but we're definitely going to die awful, awful deaths.

Here's X-Box's new project unveiled. Project Natal or Kinect, whatever the fuck they're calling it is supposed to be the first gaming system meant to successfully work without a controller. I've seen this tried before. At an arcade when I was like 7 in Pennsylvania, I splurged and played like a $5 body intensive golf game (yeah, I know). Shit went awry almost immediately. If I sneezed I shanked that shit into the nearby abyss and if I moved my body even slightly my character would turn almost completely backward. I don't even know why the game allowed that to happen. Anyway, it was a terrible $5 spent and I don't think X-Box knows what it's doing. Clearly this rinky-dink game I was playing 15 years ago had a mind of it's own (or I have no soul..yeah, that's probably it) and that doesn't spell good news for this Natal-Kinect concoction.

Microsoft has wayy too much money and wayy too much power to half-ass it. It's like, "Go ahead, play NBA 2K10 and try to go up with that weak shit against Rasheed Wallace. You'll be bloody and half dead, then Rasheed will run around acting like he didn't hit you" type realism. I'm scared. If I win a game, will the game just virtually rip me a new one. I don't know.

It was all fun and game when those bubbly ass Wii characters were running around. Now we're wielding swords and getting fouled on the way up. It's getting real.

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