Monday, June 14, 2010

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Whats the Word on Pringles?

Once you pop the fun don't stop huh? When is the last time Pringles were relevant in the advertising game. Some may assume they're more than well off based on previous popularity. The only reason I beg to differ is the desperate, crazy flavors supposedly in place that I've never actually seen before in person. I think I could handle the "Slow Cooked BBQ" but i don't know about "Cheesy Fries" and "Mexican Layer Dip."

And of course there was the recent Pringles recall for"Taco Night" and "Cheeseburger" due to traces of salmonella....But honestly it's hard enough deciding on ranch or sour cream. The restaurant style choices gotta have people settling back to Lays. So next time you're at a 711 see how many Pringles options are available...

Maybe I'm wrong but I'm not seeing much out of the product these days. 7up and Pringles need to get together and figure out a pair of revamped campaigns.

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