Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Confessions of a Necessary Haircut

God Damnit...I think it's time. So I've been growing out the hair since November, and it seems as though everyday society is starting to double take when I pass on the street. The problem is that there's always new and different comments, and more and more negatives are progressively kicking in.

Now, its much easier to just keep it growing despite the average opinion. Saves time, money and also adds to the spontaneity I've been searching for during my time as a rookie in the young professional world.

But whatever the case, it's clear that times are hard in regards to the hair department. After 20+ years rockin' the classic buzz cut, I didn't realize how easy it was to simply leave hair out of the equation. No need for that second shampoo rinse. Hats fit better. Showers were optional if it was solely based on looking presentable. But it's too late to revert back to the buzz. I've already made it this far. In light of these difficult times ahead, how easy would it be for me to walk into Supercuts and lay it all out for the hair dresser. Do I dare say, styled?!

"Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out...I need to even out the moptop - hoping for a more sophisticated look here, but it's gotta take off a good 5 years in age. Not trying to look in my 40's by any means, but I'd still appreciate a trim that says 'this strapping young gentleman knows what he's doing.' A style where I don't necessarily look desperate, but still genuine. Masculine, but cleaned up - a go-getter if you will. More specifically, I would like for my hair to give the impression that I bring in around 60-80 grand a year (definitely would emphasize that last point). Did you follow all that?"

"P.S. Here's a few magazine cut outs to match what I'm going for (hand over Anakin Skywalker and Superman hairstyles)."

Why is that so hard to do? Well, that may be the most outlandish statement to even consider bringing out to the public. I may need to go outta state to face my greatest fears. God forbid one of my friends catches me chatting it up with the salon ladies while getting my hair gelled.

No way, I'm better off just taking in the new and different daily opinions. From there it's back to the buzz as soon as management kicks in with their two cents.

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