Monday, June 7, 2010

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Aw, What The Hell?!

Still don't know what an Ipad is, but this certainly does answer some unsavory questions. I was pretty sure, but now I am positive that the Ipad is that last technological straw right before we are balls deep in some "Terminator: Attack of The Machines" business.

Oh, you already know the kid is ready. Granted, I am an enlightened thinker, but if you can't beat the shit out a hell-bent Ipad you shouldn't be on the court. If they shoot lasers, completely different story.

Also, is any of this fake? What was the deal with the milk-pouring part of the display? The bird too. Was this man suffocating a bird in his sleeve for like 4 minutes just for the sake of a magic trick? The thing about magic is that we'll never know.

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