Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Kobe Looks Thrilled

Kobe is probably the least satisfied dude in the game right now. I guess that's what makes him the player he is though. In all honesty though, this has to be the wackest ride in Disney. It's not about Natalia man, you just won the title Bro. Ditch the wife and daughter and ask for that individual ride on the Superman (note: I hate roller coasters, but if I ever rode one it'd be that one. Doesn't make sense, I know) while the wife and kid's frolic about.

#2 thing Kobe is doing wrong here, is that he is not hanging out with Ron Artest. I'd make sure to have him as my right-hand man for at least 15 days straight after the Finals. Definitely making sure that man is nowhere near my kids, then we are hitting up Disney World--just two bros with NBA titles, one constantly upset and one bat-shit crazy. This is what sitcoms are made of.

Anyway, Kobe has the face of your standard father with a young kid that's not a boy. Generally disinterested and keeping an eye out for little 5 year olds making eyes. Life is going to suck.

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