Saturday, June 12, 2010

With More Innovation Baseball Will Be Okay

So co-blogger Dub-Jeezy previously expressed his thoughts on the game of baseball. He emphasized that watching just a "few minutes can bring the purest of anger out of my soul."

So maybe he's got a point. Even umpires have discussed the Red Sox and Yankees taking their sweet time against each other while fans check their watches with hopes to make it home by 1 a.m. I wish we had a guy like this with a handful of tricks up his sleeve. If only Dice-K's Gyro Ball were actually real...

With creative side attractions everyone like Dub who can't sit straight for 3 minutes would be alright. Go to an NFL game and you're watching cheerleaders hard at work in the cold, riveting montages, gun shows - the works.

I mean I'm struggling out here myself to be honest with you. The '04 Sox were full of characters between Manny, Pedro, Damon, Millar, Nixon...But the front office did just recently sign Kendrick Perkins. So as cool as it would be for the Boston Celtics big man to hit some home runs this summer...we're just forced to take in some guy with the same name.

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