Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Bring In The X-Factor

NBA Finals. Game 7. Roster spot opens due to Kendrick Perkins going down with a torn MCL on Tuesday. Brian Scalabrine will now get the nod to suite up.

During tomorrow's winner take all grudge match between the Celtics and Lakers, there may be a scenario where Doc Rivers is forced to look down his bench with Sheed in early foul trouble. The ideal slot would be with 3 minutes left in the first half where Shelden Williams entered in Game 6 and proceeded to blow an easy dunk. I'm ready for Scal to fill that void, and he's ready to fulfill his legacy.

I'm honestly confident that #44 can play a key role even if it's for just a minute or 2. Doc might simply ask for him to go out there and not fuck up, and he'd probably deliver. No one's been more pumped to play than Scal. The guy rides the bike constantly on the sidelines to stay warm. When the rest of the C's perform their fancy introductions at the Garden, Scal's focused in the paint doing lunges...No joke...every game.

On a serious note. Tomorrow's contest will certainly be one for the ages. Let's hope floor general Rondo, Big 3 and Co. will be able to find success one last time on the road for Banner 18. BEAT LA

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