Monday, March 2, 2015

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Japan Invented A Robot Anime Bear Nurse To Usher You To Your Death

A) This seems completely safe and ok.  I literally see no way that this could go wrong.

B) Somebody finally gave the homie, Pedobear, a real, actual job.  It's been too long, my g.  Too long.

Jokey jokes aside, Jesus Christ, Japan.  What in the shit is wrong with you guys?  Were regular nurses no longer viewed as "hot in the streets" anymore?  Are you guys trying to expedite the inevitable robot takeover?  Either way, this is bad news (BEARS). Come see me in the streets if you're not about the #dadjoke puns.  Frankly, I was convinced we were going out via Skynet style robots shooting laser beams.  Not by some bears that look like they belong on the anime block of Adult Swim, but such is life.   

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