Monday, March 9, 2015

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Best Fantasy Pitchers In 2015

Pitching in fantasy baseball might not be the most important ingredient to success out there, but having consistency certainly matters. That is exactly what people are looking for with a potential ace on their squad. One guy seems to be a clear-cut number 1 option in fantasy baseball, but who else should be drafted fairly early?

Clayton Kershaw had a remarkable season last year, as he was able to win the Cy Young Award and MVP trophy in the National League. Even though his postseason pitching was mediocre, Kershaw is still considered to be in a class of his own as far as fantasy baseball standards are concerned. He’ll be gone by mid-first round in most standard leagues.

The only other pitcher who has a chance to be drafted in the 1st round is Felix Hernandez. He is someone who has been the most consistent pitcher in the American League in the last few years. The one thing that is always hurt him a little bit is a lack of run support, but Seattle looks to have their best team in quite some time in 2015. This could be a banner season for the right-hander.

Max Scherzer became a very rich man in the offseason, as he signed a new contract with the Washington Nationals. Now comes the tough part as he needs to show that he is worth all that money. Washington does feel like they have one of the best teams in the game, so that will give him a little bit of support.

Recent news about Chris Sale has some people in fantasy baseball very scared. The left-handed pitcher is trying to get back on track after suffering an injury at his home. The good news is that it happened early in spring training, so he will be missing fewer games that actually matter. It might just scare some people off to draft him though, even after looking at his outstanding numbers in 2014.

Finally, people still remember Madison Bumgarner dominating in the postseason last year for the San Francisco Giants. He might not be the most productive pitcher in fantasy baseball, but he gets results in big games. He will sneak into the top 5 this year thanks to his excellent command and his ability to stay relatively durable.

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