Sunday, June 27, 2010

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The Power of Google Talk

Lame day at the office? Odds are these dudes right here aren't too busy, but more so investing their attention to the the lower right corner of the computer screen where the real magic is happening. G-Chat (and all other web messengers). Saves my life everyday. Here are a few gems between me and co-blogger Dub Jeezy over the past couple weeks.

Dub J: tonight im doing my own thing
wild'n out on the dance floor
Craw: absolutely
i need to wear a sweat proof shirt
dude just like the other weekend when we were break dancing
Dub J: hahah
Craw: "is this a wash?"

Craw: google talk freestyle - no chillin or relaxin im faxin - just bringin in paper to the max and - runnin shit right here sellin tix C - Feez at my desk drum kit makin hits
Dub J: Jesus man, light day

Dub J: im thinking up schemes
Craw: oh yeah?
Dub J: like putting myself up on craigslist
Craw: for what
Dub J: as a "life coach"
no real qualifications
charge a shit ton
but just a guy who gets the world, and can help someone
see if anyone bites
Yeah, definitely a big factor in surviving the daily 9-5. Nothing like getting ahead of schedule in the morning and setting a few minutes aside for some enlightening conversations. Gotta love Google.

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