Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Most Messed Up Bit Of Anything You'll See All Day

Don't even know why I'm posting this because I closed my eyes and block the screen with my hand like 14 times in this 30 second commercial. Did anyone else's parents completely not recognize societal norms and get them a ridiculous "My Buddy" doll? Mine did and Jesus H. that was one of the scariest points of my life. Dude would make his ways to weird points in my room throughout the nights, I swear. Go to bed with the playa on the chair in the corner and wake up with him chillin' in the middle of the floor with his eyes rolled back. I 1-million % guarantee my dad was up to some non-funny shit back then, but clearly it messed me up because I am a 22 year old dude covering his eyes to a Youtube video on his own blog.

Nostalgia in the worst way possible.

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