Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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The Return of Manny Ramirez

I have no idea how this is going to be. This will be one of the more interesting returns, probably, in the history of the game. It could range anywhere from them throwing a parade to a riot. You just don't know...
                                             -Red Sox Manager Terry Francona

There's been debate in regards to how the crowd will react when Manny Ramirez steps up to the plate at Fenway Park for the first time in Dodger Blue. My guess is the majority will handout the well deserved standing ovation, which is undoubtedly how I'll react from my respective living room.

Anyone who's a Red Sox fan and still bitter about Manny at this point in time definitely has some issues to take care of. The 12x All-Star led Boston to 2 World Series titles, winning the Series MVP in '04 to break the curse (when the Red Sox were fun to watch). Sure there was drama, but who really cares...Shit was entertaining. He once caught a pop fly, jumped up to high-five a fan and threw it back for a double-play...Are you kidding me?

Manny is one of the best hitters in MLB history, and he produced in a style even more hilarious than Carl Everett during his inappropriate times in Red Sox uniform. Boston is currently wrapped up in a series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Manny and Co. will make their way to town for three games starting Friday, June 18th. Let's see what happens.

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