Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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Baseball: The Worst Sport In The World

My apologies to co-blogger Craw (whose birthday is today by the way, so say something to him in the comments section why dontcha?), but he absolutely lives for this shit. Just one of the masses that is pissing themselves in excitement for opening day. Not Dub Jeezy. No sir. Just watching the game being played for a few minutes can bring the purest of anger out of my soul. It's so slow, players make me jealous because they make ridiculous money for not doing that much, and I'm most salted because I am an awful player myself. That's probably why I hate it.

It can be conceived as un-American that I hate baseball, but this blog is here to stir the pot of controversy. We aren't on some Al-Qaeda shit, don't get me wrong, but we just don't follow norms here. Actually Craw does, but it's his birthday so I'll give him a break.

Baseball sucks, I'll be becoming a WNBA fan this summer.

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