Monday, April 26, 2010

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How Does One Get Hit By These Things?

T's. The giant caterpillars of the bustling Boston Metropolis. Or giant elephants. Either way, they're big as fuck. What I've been noticing the past 5 years that I've been in Boston is the rampant T vs. Human interactions going on.

If you're not from Boston. T's truly look like large caterpillars to me. So when I hear that people are getting rocked by these things I imagine a world where big ass caterpillars are commonplace. It's definitely a "Alice In Wonderland"-esque daydream scenario, but nonetheless, these things are noticeable. "Man, 22, drilled by a T while wearing his $9.99 Sony Headphones", "Chick, 19, reading latest Texts From Last Night on her Blackberry slain by a slow moving B-line T that was ringing it's bell for like 35 seconds"---these are what the writers want to write in the headlines.

I mean I basically rock "Beats" by Dr. Dre headphones that cancel noise and I can easily evade these things on the morning and afternoon commutes. Plus, this is me early in the morning, which is essentially a really fly zombie roaming the streets. So guys, stop getting maimed by these gentle giants out there and pay the fuck attention.

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