Monday, April 26, 2010

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If Pictures Can Explain Themselves...

What is that thing? No seriously, what the balls is that thing?! I've seen some disturbing pictures in my day, and it genuinely takes a lot to freak me out as much as this picture is. Like is it a horse-goat? A goat-horse? A dog? I would have to legitimately whip out the Pokedex to get a brief read on this son of a bitch creature. If you are a creature....

That kid. He's the worst part of this entire experience. He's the size of a 5 year old, but looks at least 37. He has that, "I've been working on the farms for most of my life and it has worn on my conception of reality" look on his face. Just fine with this mini-horse/goat/dog/mega-rat in his personal space. You best believe I'll be hiding in the nearest shed discovering this thing's weaknesses before I am sitting Indian-style giggling at it. That grown ass kid is crazy.

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