Thursday, April 8, 2010

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What's Scot Pollard Up to These Days?

For those of you who don't remember Scot Pollard...Well, basically in a nutshell Scot Pollard was a less than typical non-factor in the NBA for 11 seasons. He scattered his sub-par talent through a good chunk of the league between the Detroit Pistons, Sacramento Kings, Indiana Pacers, Cleveland Cavliers and Boston Celtics. So what's new with Scot Pollard? Nothing really, aside from the fact that he may be completely insane.

It's very likely you come across some strange comments browsing on Twitter. We all know Shaq, Ochocinco, Ron Artest (to name a few) are always good for a few jokes. But after laughing hysterically while browsing the comments and pictures Pollard has been kind enough to share with whoever cares, I start to ponder what his hobbies are away from the game of basketball. How about marajuana, cocaine, heroin? Who Knows? Am I jumping to conclusions? See PlanetPollard on Twitter for yourself...

Here's a few notables if you're not up for diving head first into the mind of Scot Pollard:

"In Sean connery voice, 'i'll take the rapists for $400,' trebek will ferrell as trebek, 'that's therapists, and I hate my job'" - "I wanted to see myself how other people see wonder people cross the street when I approach"

"If IF was a fifth, we'd all be drunk. But if IF was fudge without nuts? mmmmm"

"Damn, just caught myself watching my kids cartoon's. They left the room 10 minutes ago. Maybe I should look into a job!"

From there I discovered the real entertainment...His actual website I click on the blog section and this is the first thing I stumble upon:

"I went in yesterday, Monday the 5th of April. I’m thinking it’s something like an ingrown hair gone wild. No big deal. A little slice, a squeeze, and I’ll be on my way. WRONG! He took a look and told me it could be one of 3 different types of growths. All of which require excision. (that means he has to cut it out, kids) I said go for it, I haven’t been cut on in a while, let’s do this! (still thinking it’s gonna be a quick deal) He pulls out a needle to numb me, and he says, while I’m laying on my stomach, naked from the waist down, with a drop cloth over my legs, standing directly over my back-side...'I’m gonna give you all of this!' I started laughing so hard, he had to stop poking me with the needle cuz I was making more holes than needed! So I composed myself by not thinking of lots of jokes myself and my friends were gonna be telling about this day. Plus the needle stung a little." (continue reading)

I've always wondered what life after the NBA is like for some of these guys. So thank you, Scot Pollard, for shedding some light on the subject.