Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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The Truth About Pokemon

(gotta double click the video because I'm too dumb/lazy to format it smaller..it's worth it though)

Leave it to College Humor to say what we were all thinking long, long ago. I've had some serious gripes with the Pokemon franchise ever since I bought "Pokemon Snap." A game about taking fucking pictures of Pokemon. It was a complete and utter brainwashing by the folks at Nintendo.

I was the typical youth that was obsessed with everything Pokemon. I had the Red and Blue versions just so I could get the other, like 4 Pokemon exclusive to each game. Needless to say, Mom wasn't too keen on my reasoning. I had a bajillion cards that I didn't even know how to use. I just had the most holographic Charizards with weird numbers and symbols. Some of them Japanese. No reason for that. Back to Pokemon Snap though. When I finished (I don't even know how to win) the game it was like I snapped out of a trance. Yeah, I got the Gold version, but I was definitely on to the whole "we added 100 new and unique Pokemon" gimmick. They were basically the same ones with a very slight twist. That slight twist made them roughly $1 Billion. I feel like such an idiot to be honest. Waking up early to watch the show, buying worthless cards and games, and even getting a god damn fake Pokeball to throw at and harass my cat.

I would have had at least 1000 more dollars to toss around if Pokemon wasn't in my life. Plus my cat wouldn't hate me in fear that I would chuck a Pokeball at it. Crushing wallets and relationships. That's what you do Pokemon.

Thank you College Humor for finally ending this chapter of my life.

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