Monday, April 12, 2010

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Backwards Bowler Proves Innovation Is Key

How does one acquire a talent like this. The dude said he was a terrible normal bowler, which in turn led him to try backwards simply couldn't get any worse. Years later he's the main attraction every time he hits the alley, averaging 184 with a 279 career high...backwards. The sharp, suave delivery is on point between the speed and accuracy to the way he's able to turn his shoulders just enough to watch the pins fall.

This is a clear message that it's time to get innovative. Yes, it's time to go about things in a more unorthodox manner. This guy can draw a crowd any given night and should be racking in endorsements through stumbling upon his God given, random, unusual ability. So I will now dismiss myself from the computer and see how difficult it is to perfect underhand basketball shots while thinking of other cool shit to work on.

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