Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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And May God Help Our Souls, Mainly Mine

-I already need a napkin...

I blogged about this back in August 2009 (way ahead of the curve by the way, because I'm progressive as hell). This sandwich is happening. Frankly, I am terrified. Everyone thought it was going to be a regional sandwich that was only sold in East Bumfuck, USA, that forced die-hard KFC-ers to road trip around the country. No, they have a countdown for the sandwich and it'll be available in about 5 days. This is like some "24" shit by the way. A nuclear bomb coming in 5 days via countdown form and only I can save it. Even though I wrote and extensive post about not being able to successfully play the role of a hero in a show, I think I can save people here.

Eh, probably not. My best plan would be to run around in a chicken suit, similar (but wildly different) to the Chick-Fil-A type ads and just try to scare people into not ordering it. The sandwich should scare you. If this is bothering me, it should bother at least 98% of the American population because I eat some seriously awful stuff.

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