Monday, April 25, 2011

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Men Holding Babies

Men know exactly what they're doing when they get that innocent solo picture snapped cradling their brother's/cousin's/sister's/random lady at the mall's/you name it's infant. They look up at the camera endearingly, careful to balance a macho glance with such an emotional scene. They crook the baby up so they're still managing a simultaneous little flex of a bicep, but try to make it look like it all just happened naturally.

"LOOK. I am so strong but I am holding such a tiny baby. Can you even believe what a catch I am?" And we (being women everywhere) can't help but love it every single time. Giddy sighs and melty swoons and testing out your last name and we are DONE.

And that's all it takes, guys. I'd like to tell you we are smarter than that, but I can't. The baby pic is like Kryptonite to our entire gender. Just ask Dub J. He knows.

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  1. Mo Blogger said... July 8, 2017 at 3:59 PM

    Those little bodies might look like they can't accomplish much but the fact is that those babies are working really hard to grow up!

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