Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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The "Every 15 Minutes" Drunk Driving Demonstration Is A Little Intense

Another situation where law enforcement just takes the term "kick it up a notch" to the extreme. Cops crushing the idea of a "notch." Let me explain "Every 15 Minutes" to you guys for a sec.

Basically, your entire day is just ruined due to the fact that you have to REALLY reenact the deaths of classmates throughout the day. They take kids out of school to a made up disaster scene where one of their classmates is depicted as just getting in a car accident due to texting, drinking, or some stupid teenage stereotype. Upon hearing that, that's pretty extreme, but no..they don't stop there. They send minimum wage workers to dress up as the grim reaper to pull kids out of class, and they are dead for the day. They proceed to walk around the rest of the day with "dead masks", which essentially means you can't use your cell-phone or go to lunch with your classmates. And there's your fucking Wednesday. Dead as shit, missing crucial texts from your main bitty from astronomy. Seriously what?

First of all, if I were a criminal, I'd rob and pillage so many stores during this 15 minutes jazz. You literally have a time limit. So easy. But yeah, there is no estimation for how pissed I'd be if I got pulled out of a pizza party because I was determined "dead." I'd probably cry or some shit. Really break down in a completely unexpected manner. Crying like a bitch with a dead mask on while the grim reaper escorts me out. Principal reading my texts. Not a good look.

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