Monday, April 4, 2011

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If This Was 18 Years Ago, I Would Have Literally Passed Out In My Own Throw Up If I Saw This

5 year old Dub Jeezy just covered in his own vomit, unconscious in the middle of the floor. That's the scene at my house if every fucking Power Ranger that ever existed was just warring Lord of the Rings style on these suped-up Putties.

I lost connection with the rangers after Power Rangers Zeo. I was able to deal with the unexpected change when they re-upped and added hotter girls, but shit started to get weird with Power Rangers in Space and Jungle Power Rangers. I was 100% out, but I definitely appreciated what the original did for me. Made me fight like every kid in Kindergarten. Rocked like a 4-18 record. Just didn't expect that retaliation blow, you know?

PS. What the FUCK was the deal with Beetleborgs?

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