Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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What's Really Good With Drive-Thru Strip Clubs?

This has to be the least intimidating sign ever, right? What self-respecting cop will respond to a police report from a drive-thru strip club? Dude must have to siren his way around that drive-thru curve to have them take his order. "One police report please, and I don't know, two asians and a red-head."

Much like bar goldfish racing, I feel like I severely missed out on something special. Not so much missing out on the strip club aspect of it all, but more on the "how." Like how the fuck does this work? Do you have to stretch your neck out the side of your Subaru and haplessly toss crumbled singles in hopes that the gods allow them to land in a g-string? I don't know, but I damn sure want to know. I also want to know about these strippers. This specific brand of desolate ho-bag must be on the same level of depression/suicide watch as toll booth operators. Must be so depressed to see a car full of high schoolers ride up, take a disappointed look, and continue on their way. I'd 100% place my platinum colored stilettos in the rafters and swiftly retire if that happened.

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