Monday, April 4, 2011

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There's A Really Old Dude In My Office

Say hi to him everyday and immediately follow up with a "how are you?"--dude has yet to respond. I know he won't answer, and frankly I'm not really pumped to hear what his answer may be. Probably something about back pain or denture problems. Depressing shit that I'm not trying to hear at 9am when I'm still young and limber.

Here's the deal, I don't know if he even works in my office, but he has an office. Stay with me. He's THAT old I think he may have wandered up into a room and just kind of made a home there. Pretty sure everyone's just scared to tell him to get out. It's like a bird building a nest in the back of your porch or something. You're not telling it to leave but you'd rather it not there. Every time that mystery office door closes I'm scared to leave him. When you're that old you should have your door open at all times in case, you know. I'm not trying to age discriminate here, but I'm totally age discriminating on this geezer.

Job Description: tell tons of pointless stories, try to pinch cheeks, ask questions about everything technology, avoid dying. Just an annoying bird in the porch.

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