Saturday, April 2, 2011

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So I Both Love and Hate Zombies...

When I was home in Scranton (reminder: "genetic cesspool") recently, Lil Bro and I were both chilling on some random night and he convinced me (this took about 3 seconds) to settle in for a night of drinking and watching a full season of "The Walking Dead." AMC (who also came out with Mad Men) took a crazy leap by making an actual show centered around a horror movie theme: zombie apocalypse. The pilot season was only 6 episodes long because no one knew if the public could handle the gore.

Turns out, they could. The show is awesome. (Unless you're my mom, who kept coming in and asking if we were done watching the "mummies" yet) While the first episode had me practically crying in terror at some of the creepiest images I've ever seen,  the finale had me literally crying because it was SO GOOD. 

So, I'll just say it. I love this show. I love scary movies in general, and definitely every zombie movie ever made (Even that really weird one with John Leguizamo). But the problem is I'm absolutely terrified of them immediately after I'm done watching. So basically now that they're coming out with a new full season, I'll be freaking out watching every episode, and then not sleeping one night a week because I'm too scared of a sudden zombie attack. (This is a whole new level from my old occasional one night of lost sleep if I watched a scary movie.) And thus continues my life as a mature, responsible, independent adult who is legitimately scared of zombies. 

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