Monday, April 25, 2011

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Ham Sandwiches Are Bomb

Funny how holiday perks shift with age. Back in the day it was about capturing as many Easter eggs as possible in the backyard. Through the college years everyone's excited to head home for the holiday weekend to catch up with old friends and toss some new stories around. Now as a full-time employee at the age of 24, there's one particular thing that stood out this year above all when it came to Easter.

Ham sandwiches. Yes, I am blogging about ham sandwiches. See the annual chocolate bunny is old news. Sure Mom is happy to present a candy basket but at this point in time it's not the real prize. However, I couldn't have been more thrilled to obtain the leftover honey ham from Easter dinner.

Lunch at the office today was out of control. I worked harder than ever to get everything out of the way in light of the good times ahead at my desk with a pair of grossly stacked ham sandwiches. This is what the world is coming to...Getting amped for ESPN articles and awesome lunches. Likely pathetic but not too shabby for an ordinary Monday...right?