Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Super Smash Bros Is Ruining My Life

This post had to come sooner or later. Why? Because my roommates and I simply can't put the sticks down when it comes to N64's Super Smash Brothers. Some people are addicted to drugs, alcohol, you name it...but this game is certainly the #1 activity bringing us down in our everyday lives.

You know, it's bad when you start looking up youtube videos for tips after a tough loss to cap a long Tuesday night.  It's even worse to know that Co-blogger Dub J will be cringing at the fact that I posted Kirby (my character of choice) straight dominating the rest of the field. He might even pull the CEO card and delete this before I can check if I racked up a few funnies or informationals in the a.m.

But the harsh reality of it all is in about 40 minutes I'll be 24 years old. My birthday will only be complete with a couple W's on the Smash court...those victories won't come easy and tragically it's already factored into how I'll be spending my time tomorrow. Is Smash Bros just a game keeping us young at heart...or is it an embarrassingly epic battle we fight within ourselves knowing that eventually the controllers will have to be set down...Judge me all you want. Time to rest up and win some games on my big day.

EDITORS NOTE: Happy Birthday Craw?

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