Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Something Really Exciting About The Number "1,000"

"Conor Oberst Gets Mad At Freebird Guy" by G   :P

So in case you didn't know, I am a concert whore... not like a groupie who is a literal whore, but as in I love going to shows, love live music, spend absurd amounts of money on seeing all my favorite bands. You could call me a hipster, but it would have to be just musically since I don't have a pair of nerd glasses or Converse shoes and am just plainly, not cool enough. Point in case: I still wore Uggs and a Northface all winter. 

But anyway, I love taking pictures and videos at the shows and throwing them up on my Youtube channel, and this video is particularly great because it's at 1,000+ views right now. (And there is just something about 1,000 whether it be WMD posts or Youtube views that just feels AWESOME) It's Conor Oberst, the lead singer of Bright Eyes, getting really overly riled up at this asshole in the balcony who kept yelling "Freebird" the whole show. I mean, yes, I wouldn't have objected to someone throwing Freebird guy off the balcony into the non-moshing crowd, but still, relax Conor. Have some candy, watch a movie, bang someone... but whatever you need to do, just CHILL. You're a rockstar who has the House of Blues packed for you, he's a drunk fool who is going home alone. It's all about perspective, Conor. You are doing OKAY.

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