Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Pirate Ship Bedroom Seems Fun...For Now

So Yahoo showcased a handful of pictures of this pirate ship bedroom, featuring that monster ship as you can see in the pic above, a rope traveling from one closet to the next, and a slide that twists and turns ending who the fuck knows where. If I'm not mistaken...this looks like a Disney exhibit in the world of Peter Pan.

This shit is straight out of the movie Blank Check, only it was the lucky boy's dad who dished out the million to create the playground one hallway down from his own master bedroom. Wish I could see what the man cave is like in this spot.

The only thing that sucks for the kid is when he outgrows his pirate fantasy land. He might not because the room is just so sick. But imagine bringing your new girlfriend up here at the age of 16 and saying "oh yeah, that was back when I was 5 but my parents told me it's too big to take down." Usually it's as simple as replacing the Aladdin poster with some sports memorabilia. This kid's in for a whirlwind of confusion once puberty hits.

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