Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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At This Point It's OK To Ask: Chad Pennington Or A Large Bowl Of Jello


^keep in mind, they're pretty much the same thing at this point.

Theres no doubt in my mind that Chad Pennington not only tore his ACL playing basketball, but tore his ACL shooting around (insert link). Garden variety shooty hoops. Dude has the wobbliest limbs in the game right now. Gust of wind—torn shoulder, a small baby lets out a sneeze—ACLs ripped to shreds. It’s so fucking sad. And I’m a Chad fan too.

As a big time Jets fan, I put the hope of the organization into the golden accuracy of Chad’s arm. Tuning in Sunday after Sunday watching #10 throw 15 yard strikes and cringing anytime I saw a receiver open deep. I jumped in the game as a Jets fan around the end of the Testaverde era and saw the emergence of one of the weakest arms to ever dominate the game. Frankly, I miss him and am pained every time (it’s become a yearly occurrence) he tears some significant muscle in his body.

To answer the question though, I’d rather have a large bowl of Jello run the Jets offense in 2004, but would much rather a Chad Pennington controlling the 2010 offense. The Jello could have been a pseudo-game manager that would have ensured us the top 2 pick in the draft we so desperately needed.

thanks John for the EMAIL tip.