Monday, April 4, 2011

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No Debate: Dave Winfield Was The Greatest Athlete Of All-Time

Yeah, I'm surprised too. Dude looks like my dad at my graduation. Gray suit and a distinct "I really don't want to be here" look on his face. Was my dad the greatest athlete ever? Digression.

Seriously though, my boy Dave up here got fucking drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL with no discernible football experience. They had to check his Pop Warner VHS's to get confirmation that he even knew how to play the game. He got drafted by not one professional basketball team, but two. The NBA and ABA were playing tug of war with my dad up here. He was essentially the hope of two professional sports leagues. I'm flabbergasted. I thought it was a known fact that Bo Jackson ran the show, but Dave "Papa Bear on my graduation day" Winfield just snuck up and took the title right under him. Oh, he settled on Baseball at the end of the day. Ho hum, crushed it and got inducted into the hall of fame.

Guess the genes don't really fall down from my fake dad. 4 sport pro athletes rarely translate to a decent blogger kids.

PS. Charlie Ward is a dangerously close second. Won the Arthur Ashe Amateur Tennis Award.

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