Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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There's Not Many Times A Dude Gets Shot Out Of A Cannon Straight To The Ground And Survives

Is the "thumbs up" the least assuring thing in the game right now? When fans see your knee twisted 1000 degrees and players on the other team waving trainers over, your thumbs up is pretty ineffective. Story goes the same with people getting shot out of cannons.

Apparently the thing these days in daredevil-ism is making your task just that more difficult than it originally is. Take the confident dude in the picture above. He could have just went about his task the normal, standard way, but nope, he decided to kick things up a notch. By kick things up, I mean blast out of a cannonball without a safety net deployed, and by notch, I mean proceed to die. There's some jabber that the net deployment was faulty and the shit collapsed, but I call bullshit. Call me insensitive and all, I'm just saying that if you're going to shoot yourself out of a cannon you should probably make sure the little things like SAFETY NETS are in order before you put that thumb up. Things are clearly not a go dawg.

My condolences.

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