Thursday, April 7, 2011

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Six-Figure Income For The Dude That Can Crank That Aflac Duck

And by "crank that" I mean whoever can be the new voice for the duck. Apparently (obviously) Gilbert Gottfried made some tasteless tweets about the tsunami and that'll get you fired. No quicker way to get the pink slip than tweet insensitive shit (on that note follow us on twitter at @WMsDiary). Who knew that dude was still alive anyway?

But yeah, apparently Gottfried opened up a 100k job to portray a loudmouth duck. If there were ever a job I was suited for that wasn't what I actually do or authoring the most hilarious blog ever, it would be to voice the Aflac duck. My voice can hit that distinct annoying twang that could inspire people to immediately purchase insurance.

My life goals are becoming scarce and more depressing.

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